NEW! Bounty Bowl: A bowl full of fresh bountiful goodness! Warm coconut quinoa and fresh kale salad topped with our Soup of the Day (vegan or vegetarian) $13

TUNA POKE BOWL: traditional Hawaiian recipe of raw albacore tuna (caught wild and locally) tossed in a soy ginger marinate. Served on bed of fresh rice, with organic edamame beans, mixed greens and seaweed. We love the islands and are proud of offer this product that we ourselves are always obsessed with, while supporting sustainable fishing practices. -$16

Acai Bowls

Nalu: Acai puree blend with coconut water, topped with housemade (sugar free) granola, fresh strawberries and banana, bee pollen and drizzled with honey. – $11.00

Hanuman: Acai puree blend with almond butter and Maca Powder, topped with granola, cacao nibs, fresh banana, bee pollen and honey – $12.00

Mayan Gold: Acai puree blend with chia seeds and freshly juiced kale and apple juice. Topped with goji berries*, fresh strawberries and banana, granola, bee pollen and honey – $13.00

Smoothie Bowls     

NEW!! Blue Crush Bowl: Blue Majik (blue-green algae extraction) with pineapple, banana, mango and coconut milk. Topped with fresh kiwi slices, frozen raspberries and ribbon coconut. –$13.00

Pitaya Bowl: Pink pitaya (dragonfruit), blended with mango and apple juice, poured over granola, topped with shredded coconut,  fresh strawberries and banana – $13.00

Mana Bowl: E3live, spinach, mango, banana, coconut water and lemon. Topped with granola, bananas and goji berries – $12.00

Raw Juices

12oz – $6.99 / 16oz – $7.99

NEW! Charger: carrot, spinach, fresh pineapple, lemon and turmeric.

Green Machine: kale, parsley, cucumber, lemon, celery and apple

Popeye’s: spinach, apple, lemon and ginger

Honolua: pineapple, mint, apple and ginger

Val’s Choice: carrots, apple and ginger

Zinger: orange, lemon and ginger

Beety Mary: beets, carrots, celery, apple and ginger


12oz – $6.99 / 16oz – $7.99

Green Envy: Green Machine juice blended with frozen pear

Mana: spinach, mango, banana, coconut water and lemon

Berry Nice: strawberry, blueberry, raspberry, banana and fresh pressed orange juice

Strawbernana: strawberry, banana, almond milk and honey

Aloha: fresh pineapple, mango, banana and fresh pressed orange juice

Pie Goodness: pears, almond butter, yogurt, freshly pressed apple juice, and soaked dates

Funky Monkey: banana, cocoa powder, almond butter, almond milk and dates.

Breaky’2’Go: blueberries, oats, banana, yogurt, freshly pressed apple juice and honey.


$3 – Vega or E3live

$2- almond butter, goji berries, acai puree, maca powder,  whey, espresso, 6 mushroom adaptogen powder, coconut oil

$1.50 greek yogurt, strawberries

$1- chia seeds, hemp hearts, pineapple, bee pollen, kale, granola, peanut butter, mint

$0.50 turmeric powder, spinach, flax, ribbon coconut, ginger, oats



NEW!! Blue Lagoon: Blue Majik (blue-green algae extraction), your choice of protein powder (whey or vega) with pineapple, banana, mango and lemon blended with fresh pressed apple juice.

Hero: blueberries, banana, goji berries, almond butter, coconut water, coconut oil, and maca powder

King Kong: banana, coco powder, cacao nibs, peanut butter, hemp hearts, 2 espresso shots and almond milk.

Gnarmaste: raw juice from spinach, mint, cucumber and apple, blended with E3live, pears, pineapple and 6 blend mushroom powder, topped with bee pollen.

Magic Dragon: freshly frozen pink pitaya (dragonfruit) with mango, lemon, coconut and a 6 blend mushroom powder, blended together with freshly pressed apples.


All our lemonades are made with freshly pressed lemons and sweetened only with honey (SUGAR FREE).

Teas are all Cold-Brewed, increasing flavour and antioxidants!

20oz $5

Original Gangster (OG) Straight up Lemonade.

Zen Panda Green Tea Lemonade

Happiness Hibiscus Tea Lemonade

The Beyonce OG with cayenne pepper

Sunny-T OG with turmeric


Craft Culture local brew 16oz $6 or 20oz $7.50

Bulk refills over 16oz $ 0.40/oz


Contact us for our wholesale baked good pricing.

Coconut Chia Pudding: coconut chia pudding is perfect sugar-free, protein dense, vegan, gluten-free treat! –$4.50

Voyageurs (vegan) $3.50

Voyageur Mini (10 pack) $14

Squirrel Balls (no gluten) $2

Quinoa Carrot Coconut Cranberry Muffin (no gluten) $3.50

Banana Chocolate Chip Muffin (no gluten) $3.50

Banana Blueberry Muffin (no gluten) $3.50

Pumpkin Muffin (no gluten) $3.50

Rawkie (dehydrated fruit and nuts, raw, vegan, no gluten, no sugar) $3.83

Galaxy Domes (superfoods, raw, vegan, no gluten, no sugar) $3

Brownie Cubs (vegan, no gluten) $2 or 3 for $5

Granola (housemade w/ organic coconut oil and Canadian maple syrup) 500g $10

OUR FLOUR- housemade NO gluten flour (the one we use for our muffins!) just simply use as a straight substitute for regular flour in all your favourite recipes! 1 kg $10


Basic Avocado Toast– House made vegan mayo, perfect af avocado, with S&P and a squeeze of fresh lemon juice. 1 slice $6.00 or 2 slices $10

Sauerkraut Avocado Toast– Basic Avo. Toast with local raw unpasturized sauerkraut. 1 slice $7.00 or 2 slices $12

NEW!! Curried Tofu Wrap: baked tofu mixed in with house-made vegan creamy curry sauce, raisins, celery, red onion and fresh greens, wrapped in a whole wheat flour tortilla. –$9.00

Ham and Egg (English muffin): English muffin, Antoinette’s sauce, egg, ham, tomato, cheddar – $5.50

Ham and Egg (Buckwheat Biscuit): Buckwheat biscuit, Antoinette’s sauce, egg, ham, tomato, cheddar – $8.00

Ham Breakfast Wrap: Ham, tomato, potato, scrambled egg, green onion, shredded cheddar – $8.00

Spinach Breakfast wrap: Spinach, roasted red peppers, tomato, potato, scrambled egg, green onion, shredded cheddar – $8.00

Salmon Lox: Bagel with cream cheese, salmon lox, capers, red onion – $8.50

Tuna Diablo: Tuna MIX (tuna, banana peppers, red onion, fresh dill, mayo, Dijon mustard, salt and pepper) tomato, cheddar cheese – $8.50

Tuna Diablo (Buckwheat Biscuit): Tuna MIX (tuna, banana peppers, red onion, fresh dill, mayo, Dijon mustard, salt and pepper) tomato slice, cheddar cheese – $8.75

Mexi Wrap: Refried beans, Mexican fried, cheddar cheese – $8.00

Add-ons: Avocado $2.00, spinach and/or sprouts 50cent. (additional charge)


Vegan Vice Bowl: Layered quinoa, black beans, kale, and mixed greens, topped with red pepper, shredded carrots and beets, almonds, and baked tofu. Served with our soy tahini Vice Dressing. -$10

Vice Dressing Bottle (160z) -14$

Cashew Kale Caesar Salad: fresh kale massaged with our tangy house-made raw cashew caesar dressing, roasted chickpea “croutons”, cherry tomatoes and a slice-O-lemon. -$11

Salad-in-a-box: Organic mixed greens, carrot, tomato, sprouts, pumpkin seeds/almonds, dried cranberries – $8.95

Daily Soup & Salad Specials

Small $6.00 (to stay only) Large $7.00